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Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

History, research and experiences lead us to the conclusion that women are caretakers.  Intentionally or not, we nurture little girls differently than little boys. We “handle” girls differently than boys. Our play and actions often are pointedly gender based. We use language and labels that are clearly society’s way of helping little girls get into “the pink of things.”  There are decidedly strong feelings in families about ways of raising daughters.

One thing is certain though, children will learn to be themselves. With our without our prodding, coaxing, pleading or indulgences, little girls have this amazing way of becoming the girl they want to be. Our loving actions give little girls strength and assurance. Our giggles and grins offer horizons of opportunity mixed with true pleasure in their company. When we tell our daughters they can be anything they choose to be, we mean it wholeheartedly.

Little girls enjoy all kinds of activities, games, toys and experiences. They are, by nature and development, high language users, concerned with the little things and details of projects and partnerships. Little girls are keenly observant and quickly pattern their behavior and mannerisms after valued adults. They enjoy creative expressions in color and form, are tuned into rhythms and motion, form early and strong friendships and tend to wear emotions “on their sleeves”!

Some would say that little girls are bossy! With long personal and professional experiences, I prefer to say they are spicy! And great fun! What could be better than shiny party shoes and bows mixed with muddy jeans and overly bedazzled tee shirts. Who doesn’t enjoy a little 2 year old calling the shots in her family or the fussy birthday dress dripping with ice cream and sprinkles?

Supporting body and mind development for a little girl does, in fact, give us “sugar, spice and everything nice.” That’s because true support includes dress-up games, soccer teams, dancing, blocks & trucks, baby dolls, swing sets, crayons & paint, golf clubs, books & bicycles, play dates and a quiet space.

See your children, girls and boys, in everything wonderful.  Celebrate who they are now.  Hold their hands as they become who they will be.

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director



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