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Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

If any of these “Common Mistakes” look familiar, just do the opposite!!   You will see positive results, you will develop skills rather than react to behaviors and you will lose the guilt – which too often leads to overcompensating and starting at “square one” again and again and again…

Common Discipline Mistakes Made by Adults:

  • Giving in to tantrums or whining.
  • Bribing or threatening children to get them to behave.
  • No consideration of what your child is truly able to do – expectations are too high.
  • Comparing the misbehavior of one child to the appropriate behavior of another.
  • Making threats the adults will not carry out.
  • Making promises the adult cannot keep.
  • Offering choices where none exist.
  • Trying to shame or embarrass a child into desired behavior.
  • Failing to recognize appropriate behavior.
  • Rewarding inappropriate behavior.
  • Forcing children to compete for rewards.
  • Failing to actively listen to a child’s side of the story.
  • “Punishment” that does not fit the “crime”.
  • Calling a child names.
  • Never expecting the best.

Consider why you respond to challenging behavior in negative ways.  Once you consider what happened to you and how you responded to your child, you will change. And it will work. I guarantee it.

“A quick fix is never a cure.” M.F. Barrett

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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