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Summer Parties

Posted on: July 2, 2012

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

It’s “kick off the summer” party season!  The Fourth of July celebration along with summer graduation parties & family reunions are often grand picnics and parties with lots of people, including young children, in an outside space.   This space often includes grills, bonfires, sparklers & other fire-works, and lots of food & beverages.  Community parades are exciting, neighborhood pool parties are in full swing and there is music and festivity everywhere.

While this is a lot of fun and often a family tradition, outdoor parties –including the one on July 4th – require parents to be on high alert. 

Here is a checklist for those big summer parties that we all love!

  • Pack a bag for each child.  Include diapers, lots of wipes, antiseptic wipes, at least one change of clothes including socks & shoes, an extra sunhat, ponytail holders & barrettes, sunglasses, a pair of long pants and a hooded sweatshirt.  Bring sunscreen and lip balm even on cool or cloudy days and always bring an insect repellent approved for children.  If beach or swimming is part of the party add swimsuit, watershoes or sandals, a towel, t-shirt or cover up, children’s after sun body lotion, floaties, even more diapers or underpants and favorite beach or pool toys. 
  • New food or picnic food can be tricky!  This is not the place to insist that young Joey try potato salad or barbecue beef.  Bring a cooler with food and drinks that your children like, you approve of and that will make your day a happy one.  Be sure that a baby’s food and drink stay at the right temperature and that you bring bottles, cups, bowls, utensils and bibs. Do you have a high chair that folds or a toddler seat to strap on a chair?  Everyone won’t know about food allergies or restrictions – be vigilant!
  • Keep a young child’s eating and sleeping schedule as consistent as possible.
  • Bring your child’s blanket and favorite lovie to provide some calm and rest in a busy day.
  • Pack a small pack&play for baby and umbrella stroller.  Keep shade a priority.
  • A child’s canvas chair and a picnic blanket (or sheet) can be lifesavers.
  • Leave a small first aid kit in your car that includes sterile gauze, bandages, Neosporin, antiseptic wipes and a tweezers.  Tape emergency phone numbers and any medical info onto the inside of the cover.

Most importantly keep you children in sight and with you!! Warn them against open fire, grills and fireworks.  Be prepared for startled or crying children (no matter how old they are) at a firework display.


“If ants are such busy workers, how come they find time to go to all the summer picnics?” Marie Dressler

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

1 Response to "Summer Parties"

Great advice Kate! We definitely need to be extra vigilant during these picnic parties, and not get carried away with all the fun and events.

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