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A Letter for Dad

Posted on: June 16, 2012

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Dear Dad,

I am watching you every day.

I watch you in the morning when everyone is together and you smile and talk with us as we all get ready.  It helps me know that my day will be good. 

I watch you cut the grass and squirt the hose and plant gardens with mom.  I love it when you let me have a turn to help you.  It makes me feel grown up and I know that you trust me.  I try really hard to do what you do.

I watch you cheering for me in the bleachers during my t-ball games.  I see you smiling and clapping for me when I finish my recital.  I look for you on the picnic bench when I am at the top of the playground climber and I know you are always proud of me.

I watch you buckle the baby in her car seat and make sure that I have everything I need.  I see you worry sometimes but I know that you can fix anything.

I watch you cook hot dogs and make sure that I have no skin left on mine and I know that you think I am very important.

I watch you take care of the dog and fix the window and make every free throw, and I think you can do anything!

I watch you when you are reading my favorite story with me.  I watch you find all of the puzzle pieces we need.  I watch you build the highest block tower, and think you are the smartest man in the world.

I watch you hold hands with mom and smile at her when you think I am not looking, and I know that you love her.  This makes me feel safe.

I watch you make friends and take care of them.  I watch you play and sing and laugh.  I watch you sit quietly and listen when I talk to you, and think you are the best dad ever.

I watch you watch me and I know that you love me more than anything in the whole world.

And I love you,

Your little one

Happy Father’s Day


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