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Get Ready for Mother’s Day!

Posted on: May 7, 2012

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

I know that Sunday May 13, 2012 is officially Mother’s Day.  I know this because it is stamped on everyone’s calendar.  Well, I don’t think that is enough for moms.   I am going to offer Hallmark and all calendar companies a variety of stamps that they can put on the other 364 days of the calendar.  This is what the stamps will say: Moms Rule, Kiss Mom Today, Mom is the Best & Thank you MomThey can spread the word of great moms throughout the year!

Help your children get ready for Mother’s Day next week.

  • Make special cards with fancy paper (old wallpaper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper) and pretty writing.  There is nothing more personal and beloved than a homemade card from a child.  Grandmas, aunts, and special friends all have been known to keep a special box with children’s little “love letters”.  Include a special photo.  No matter how old the child is, be sure that it is their handiwork on the card.
  • If you are planning a meal as part of the celebration, place mats are a huge hit!  Let children draw a picture (crayons are best) of special moms, grandmas and any other celebrant on plain paper (poster board paper cut into place mat size works well).  Be sure to write some special words and decorations on the mat.  Everyone will have a special place of honor. And, of course, children are part of the cooking team!
  • Flowers are a classic mother’s day gift.  Children can plant seeds or small seedlings in selected pots – make this personal.  Do you have a tea drinker?  Plant in a pretty cup.  How about an artist? Use a small paint can.  A gardener loves pretty watering cans and a little canister is a clever pot for a baker.  Put small stones at the bottom of a pot that does not have holes.  Frame a picture of your child busy with this project for a lovely keepsake with this gift.
  • What mom doesn’t love jewelry?  Store bought necklaces and bracelets don’t even come close to the beauty of homemade bangles. Be creative!  Jewelry can be made in Aunt Laura’s favorite color, in pattern designs, to match grandmas’ eyes or in grab & go colors just because they are beautiful.  String beads on yarn, ribbon or colored rope.  Presentation is important!  Wrap this special gift in bright tissue paper and put into a pretty bag.  Don’t forget a card! **Be careful of bead size when young children are working on this project and no matter how old they are, adult supervision is best.
  • No need to leave the house for a spa day!  Make a plan for a restful, indulgent day for special ladies on Mother’s Day.  Breakfast prep, serve & clean, paint mom’s nails, some special bubble bath and “silly servants” can read to mom, tell stories and jokes all day and insist on quiet, personal time for the ladies children love. Post a Delightful Day Schedule on the fridge. Mom & grandmas are “off duty!”
  • Show this column to dad.

“In preparation for Mother’s Day I have been thinking about my mom – what would she like? What would she need?  After much thought…all mothers, including Mother Earth, need a rest!” Environmentalist Simran Shethi

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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