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Are Children Always in a Hurry?

Posted on: April 2, 2012

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Are children always in a hurry?  That depends on who you ask and when you ask it….

Parents can talk for hours about little ones who poke around and never seem to understand that they need to get going; to get dressed to go outside, to clean up their toys, to get shoes tied.  Of course, these are all on the parent’s agenda. 

These same parents will tell you about the lightning speed of a little one running away from them or an older child gulping food to be finished in time for their favorite t.v. show. These, of course, are on the child’s agenda.

Hmmmm…  Children always in a hurry?  Who’s agenda are you looking at?

Children need time.  The younger the child, the more time they need to form relationships, to practice new and exciting skills, to maintain control of their bodies, to understand communication and to figure out their world (because their world is literally brand new and extremely exciting!)  We know, as adults, that timing is everything – children have no idea.

How can you give your child time to grow – to figure it out?

Slow down.  Really, critically look at your own schedule and what demands you make on yourself.  These are the same demands you are making on your family – your children.  Take out of the day anything that will make your time with your children rushed and hurried.  Look at your calendar; exactly how many birthday parties, events or commitments are realistic?  Breathe a little.  This is not unrealistic.

Speed up.  Can you get yourself going a little earlier so that the shout of “Get in the car now!” is not part of your morning?  Take your own advice and prepare what you can ahead of time – for meals, household responsibilities, commitments you have to keep, personal or job related duties.  Speeding to the mall with children on your way to the birthday party (invited to 3 weeks ago) doesn’t count!

Enjoy your children.  Each day is new.                                                                                                                       

  • Babies are wide-eyed over what we consider every day sights & sounds.  Their new world is magic. Watch them.  They strain their necks to see a dropped sponge on the floor.  They turn towards birds chirping in a tree.  Babies giggle when the dog walks into the kitchen – magic!
  • Toddlers are brand new to walking & talking.  Let them do both!  When you are tempted to scoop them up and carry them or tell them what they want because this will save you time – Don’t do it!
  • Older children are learning the critical skills of waiting, planning, of consideration and self-control.  All of these take time.  Allow them the gift of time that will allow mistakes & “re-dos”, that will allow them to absorb different perspectives, which will help them achieve goals and become resilient and efficient.

Life is short and childhood is the shortest part of it.  Don’t miss it.

“The 5 second rule: the next time you ask a child a question: wait!  Children need time to process their thoughts, select appropriate language and build self-confidence.”  M. LeBaron

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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