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Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

It’s been a winter that we can’t complain about.  Well, maybe skiers and snow enthusiasts can, but families with young children (who require a bulky & layered wardrobe just to get to the car!) are not complaining about this winter.

And spring is in the air!!

Think about spring with your family and get ready to really enjoy warm sunshine, budding gardens and those “can’t put my finger on it” changes that happen in the spring.

  • Read spring books with little ones. Some favorites: 
    It’s Spring! Linda Glaser
    My Spring Robin Anne Rockwell
    Spring is Here Lois Lensky (love this author)
    Dandelion Adventure by L. Patricia Kite
  • Design a spring mural. Find or buy magazines that have pictures of bright sunshine, flowers, blue skies, children playing and baby animals. Reuse or buy an inexpensive large picture frame.  Cut a pretty, bright paper the size of the frame for the background.  With your family, cut pictures out and paste on the paper in a collage design.  Frame and hang!  Be creative – add spring words, label your framed collage, sign your names.
  • Bake spring cupcakes. With your children bake cupcakes and decorate with sprinkles, coconut, fancy icing and candies.  Cupcakes baked in your kitchen allows children to use all of their five senses. They measure, pour & stir, “read” recipes, set up & clean up, and enjoy a wonderful treat they created with you.  Most importantly, baking and cooking with your children gives all of you time: time to be together! 
  • Go outside. Stake out a garden or check on the grounds of established gardens at your house.  Take long walks and  look for buds on trees, squirrel & birds’ nests, and signs of new plants and grass on your lawn.  Dig for worms and bugs.  Take the hose out and squirt off the sidewalk, driveway and porch.  Put snow shovels away (very optimistic), clean out the basket of hats & mittens and put boots in their place for next year. 
  • Play ball! Daylight savings brings evening light.  Take advantage of it!  Turn the TV off and play ball with your kids.  Of course, baseball is the spring classic and any version of baseball is a great way for children to exercise; throw, catch, bat and run.  But don’t forget kickball and basketball!  Little ones just love catch and throw.  Playtime with you is all that matters!

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ~Margaret Atwood

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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