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Posted on: January 3, 2012

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

These are burning questions to consider as we head into 2012:

  1. How many ways do we let each of our children and all of our family members know that we are totally on their side?  2012 ways only begins to cover it.
  2. What is the cost of bringing your child’s favorite book home from a shopping trip?  About $7.00.  How about a little puppet that goes with the story?  Total cost $12.00.  Snuggling together and sharing his special story?  No cost, just 2012 sighs of happiness.
  3. Can you count the steps that a new walker takes – when she discovers that everything looks different standing up – that everyone smiles and claps for her with each step she takes – that all of a sudden what was once over there can actually be right here?  You can begin with 2012, but don’t stop there because she certainly won’t!
  4. How many crayons will a preschooler who has discovered that he is, in fact, Picasso go through during the coming year?  At least 2012.
  5. Can you estimate the giggles that a toddler will make thinking that you are the funniest, greatest and coolest friend she will ever have?  Yes, 2012 – but that’s a low estimate.
  6. Are there really 2012 excuses that school-agers can come up with when they don’t want to do something?  Yes.  They are really something.
  7. How many dimes do you need to make it through summer ice cream cone season?  2012.  But $201.20 only covers one child.  If you have multiples, better start saving.
  8. Do you know how to sing BINGO?  If not, have your child teach you.  She will want you to sing it with her 2012 times this year!  It’s really great.
  9. Do toddlers have a favorite word? Yes.  What is it? No.  Will they repeat their favorite word every chance they get?  Yes.  About how many times? 2012
  10. I recently counted how many times parents tell their children to “Get ready, now.”  That number would be 2012.  How many times did children get ready, now? 0
  11. How many New Year’s 2012 resolutions will be broken by March?  2010.  Eating better and sleeping more tend to linger.  They are not always successful, but they tend to linger!
  12. How many days are you wished health, happiness and good fortune in this new year? 2012

Happy New Year 2012! Kate           


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