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A Few Favorite Things

Posted on: December 16, 2011

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

A beautiful musical and classic holiday movie is The Sound of Music.  I have watched It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas, A Christmas Story and countless holiday cartoons a million times over.  I never get tired of them – they become part of tradition in so many families. But I keep going back to The Sound of Music.  In particular the song “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.”  The song is a collection – a list – of favorite things.

What is on your list of favorite things that keep you warm, make you smile and that you simply can’t do without?  What is on your child’s list?

This holiday week in the middle of baking, shopping, wrapping and visiting, take a few minutes with your children and see what is on their list of favorite things.  This is not a Santa list, it is a list that will, of course,  include favorite toys (you can’t get away from that), but it is also a list that expands to include friends, people, smells, places…  A list that is personal.  A list that is meaningful and timely. Holidays are the perfect time to make memories and both carry on traditions and create new ones. 

Use language that will set the mood and start children thinking of favorites;

  • “Did you know that this is my favorite cookie?” 
  • “mmm I love the way pizza smells – it’s my favorite.” 
  • “Dempsey is my favorite dog.”  

Your children pay attention to everything you do.  These are simple, quiet ways to help them consider the many things that matter to you – and to them.  This is not a big project.  It is a memory to make.

If your children can write, ask them to think about and write their list (spelling doesn’t matter!) Children love to cut and paste.  Are there magazines, even books that are tattered – and not favorite reading books – that can have pictures cut out and pasted?   If you have a little one, ask them to draw pictures and tell you what to write after their drawings.  Babies let you know about their favorite things all of the time.  Just watch them.  When they smile and coo, when they kick their legs and stretch their arms, when they relax and are calm it is because of one of their favorite things!

Children can write their names, make marks, draw pictures and make their paper personal.  Create your baby’s list.  You can date their My Favorite Things list, (add a picture of your child!)  Make sure you make a list of favorite things too with a signature and date.  Bundle the lists up and keep them safe.  Each Christmas share the My Favorite Things lists from the year before and add the current collection to them.                                                     

Childhood is quick.  How much our little ones change each year!  Believe me, there will be laughter and tears as each year goes by and these memories are shared.

Holidays are the perfect time to make memories & both carry on traditions & create new ones.

“Grammy Lil’s snicker-doodles are my favorite cookie.”  Every year – all of the Scarcello grandchildren.

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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