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School Literacy

Posted on: September 5, 2011

School Literacy
The official start of school is here, literacy is at the forefront.  Critical skills in reading and writing, that are part of children’s everyday activities, are now under a spotlight in the formal settings of classrooms. There are many books brought home and reading and writing assignments for all levels and grades. Children have fresh notebooks and pencils / pens.  School books are covered and paged through.  Evident in homes are newly organized rooms and routines that support school learning and responsibilities.  This is all very exciting!
No matter how old your child is, read to them every day. Show them that you value literacy and are interested in what is going on in their childcare center or school. Look at their books with them.    Younger children can tell the story in their books by “reading” the pictures.  Watch how children handle their books and be sure that they learn how to keep books clean, free from rips and scribbles and in a place where they are easily located.
Literacy skills that children are engaged in from the very youngest experience in childcare to the highest level of formal school are important to recognize and support:
rhyming: rhyme names, rhyme labels of objects, sing songs, make up poems…
patterns: clap, hop, create patterns with children, help them recognize print patterns… 
writing letters: first letters in a name are upper case, the rest are lower case…  
print awareness: point out print in the environment(box labels, signs, billboards, etc.)…
writing processes: exercising small muscles to hold writing materials firmly while creating strokes to form letters… 
vocabulary builds: be sure to talk through everything you are doing with your child to expose them to new words, label objects, tell stories… 
comprehension: ask your child questions about a story or other print to determine if your child understood the story / message…   
retell & summarize: listen to your child tell about a story or book…                                                                                                                                                       
associate illustrations and print: help your child make sense of the picture(s) and the story…
Get off to a good start!  School is fun.  Learning is fun.  Literacy is life saving.  

“Literacy is not only reading and writing, literacy is life.”
International Reading Association


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