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New Babies

Posted on: August 29, 2011

New Babies

 New babies are born into families and with this birth there are always renewed commitments to be a better person, keep perspective on obligations and manage to juggle all of life’s bouncing balls.  Whether this baby is the first born or joins siblings the fact that we hold new life is joyous as well as overwhelming.

One of my greatest privileges has been to support parents as they redesign the fabric of their family when a baby enters.  Everything from recommending parenting support networks, time management strategies and tried and true bedtime routines has been on an agenda at one time or another.  Certainly, child care is critical in many families and working through each thread of bringing a new baby to the centers is a process that is completed lovingly and respectfully.

In a childcare center or school setting, September brings so many changes and new beginnings.  I’m not sure about data, but I can tell you from years of experience that each fall new babies join our centers in large numbers.  And each baby brings with them anxious families with the desire to be strong partners with this new extended family that cares for their child in their absence.

I have made promises to children.  I have heard the promises of beginning families. Somehow each of us promises our new babies the world.  It just seems right.

I promise to always love you.    I promise to always keep you safe.  I promise to make you laugh. I promise to comfort and hold you. I promise to support your growing abilities and knowledge.  I promise to keep you healthy in body, mind and spirit.  I promise to keep these promises.

“My child…the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into.”  
– T. Guillemets


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