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You Don’t Have to Wear a Cape to be a Superhero!

Posted on: June 17, 2011

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

“You Don’t Have to Wear a Cape to be a Superhero”
This is from an American Greetings Father’s Day card that I saw many years ago and I think of each Father’s Day.  The picture on the card is of a little boy and his dad riding down a hill on wagons, both with wide smiles and shining eyes.  They are clearly connected.  They are clearly having fun.  They clearly love each other.  The message on the card reads… “You Don’t Have to Wear a Cape to be a Superhero.”

I know superheroes, I have seen superheroes in action, and I am privileged and blessed to have superheroes in my life.

Here’s how to recognize a Superhero!
Add to my list!


Change Diapers,

Answer the phone, take messages and give the messages to whom it belongs,

Sing Wheels on the Bus while driving in the car,

Make funny faces and dance,

Play hopscotch, basketball, Crazy 8’s, Spiderman II, Barbie Bingo and Chess,

Eat hot dogs at Bisons Games with children in hats,

Attend dance recitals and school concerts,

Read books to their children and listen to favorite stories,

Ask questions and sometimes say “no”,

Invite their child’s best friend to the family picnic,

Drive their children to the mall – and stay there,

Rock a baby until she falls asleep and holds her in his arms just because,

Clean up spilled juice and snacks and peel hot dogs without comment,

Smile and laugh – a lot,

Hold hands to support a new walker and hold hands with her mom because he loves her,

Help with homework and supports education at every age,

Hang pictures on the fridge,

Can’t wait to watch the Shrek Trilogy, again,

Zip snowsuits and know where the other boot is,

Travel with diaper bags, know how to strap a toddler into a car seat and insist on seat belts,

Hug and kiss their children and tell them “I love you” every chance they get,

Love their children unconditionally each and every day of their lives.

Superheroes are strong, knowing, virtuous and resourceful!

Happy Father’s Day, Superheroes!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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