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Spring Beans!

Posted on: May 3, 2011

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Bring a little bit of spring inside while you wait out the rest of these cold (and rainy!) days.  Browse flower and vegetable catalogues with your kids.  Shake the seed envelopes at stores you are in and talk about colors and gardens.  Stake out a garden in the yard or investigate porch container gardens. There are many easy to grow, inexpensive and no fuss vegetables that children can plant, tend, enjoy and share. We know that Popeye is strong to the finish ‘cause he eats his spinach – help your children see why in action!

Plants are strong!
Children are strong when they eat their vegetables – hey, that makes sense!  Help children see how strong plants are with these easy, inexpensive and very visible kitchen experiments.  Beans are strong – kids will be strong too!

Experiment #1.  Bean Blast!
1.   You will need an aluminum pan, dry beans; water; a bowl; plaster of Paris; ( 2 cups Warm Water, 3 cups All-purpose Flour, Large Mixing Bow, Spatula or Wooden Spoon . In a large mixing bowl, whisk the all-purpose flour with the help of the spatula or wooden spoon, to make it airy.  Make a flour paste, by adding two cups of warm water to the flour. Mix the ingredients well. Continue stirring them, until there are no visible lumps. The mixture has to be smooth and firm.  The consistency of the paste should be thick and smooth, but easy to stir. If the consistency is not right; add more flour or water, as desired. )
2.   Soak a handful of dry beans in water overnight. The next day, mix a batch of plaster of Paris and pour it into the baking pan. The plaster of Paris should be a few inches deep. Sprinkle the soaked beans on top, then cover with another layer of plaster of Paris, about an inch thick. When the beans sprout, they will break through the rock-like plaster of Paris – Just like grass and flowers blast through concrete!
Experiment #2.  Bursting Beans!
1.   You will need dry beans; cotton, a plastic bag and water.
2.   Moisten a handful of regular white cotton balls, just until they are damp but not saturated, place the moist cotton in the bottom of a clear, plastic bag.  Lay several bean seeds on top of the moist cotton & seal the plastic bag.  Place the plastic bag on a window sill or table that has full sun exposure. The heat helps germinate the bean seeds. Make sure the bean seeds remain on top of the cotton as the plastic bag is moved to the window and set in place.  Before long you have bursting bean sprouts ready to transplant into a pot!

“These are the most wonderful beans that ever were known. If you plant them overnight, by the next morning they’ll grow up and reach the sky!” Jack in the Beanstalk

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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