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Oh, To Be A Mom!

Posted on: March 29, 2011

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

My youngest daughter and her husband are about to have their first baby in a few weeks.  We are thrilled.  While final planning is in process and all of the wonderful baby “things” are getting set, I am listening to and loving being part of the discussions on the parenting “style” prep.

I’d like to share some excerpts from a wonderful Parenting Magazine article titled “The Best-Laid Plans” by H. Robinson.  It seems so fitting.  I laugh every time I read it…Because it is just so true!

I hope you will enjoy!


  • Before Kids: “We shouldn’t add to the destruction of the environment by buying disposable diapers.  I will buy cloth diapers and wash and dry them each day myself.”
  • After Kids: “They were having a sale on economy-size diapers, so I bought out the store!”


  • Before Kids: “If you introduce kids to junk food, they will crave it and demand it for their sweet tooth.  I’ll be giving my children only fruit for dessert.”
  • After Kids: “Okay, okay.  You can have some of mommy’s Milky Way.  But only a tiny bit. “ 


  • Before Kids: “Once you give into whining, it becomes a tough habit to break. You just can’t give into that sort of thing. Ever.”
  • After Kids: “Okay, okay.  You can have some of mommy’s Milky Way.  But only a tiny bit.”


  • Before Kids: “When you don’t tell your children the truth, it sends the wrong message.”
  • After Kids: “I’m sorry, sweetie, but McDonald’s is closed again today.”


  •  Before Kids: “Children are overwhelmed by the fancy toys these days.  I’m going to buy my children solid wooden blocks and “open ended” toys that will stretch their cognitive and motor skills.”
  • After Kids: “Happy Birthday, sweetie!  Here’s your Titanic Barbie!”


  • Before Kids:  “The best disciplinary tactics are calm responses – anger should never be a factor.”    
  • After Kids:  “That’s it!  You are grounded for life!”


  • Before Kids: “Bribing kids to behave starts a cycle of misbehavior that’s hard to escape.  It’s better to make clear rules and let them know that they are expected to obey them.”
  • After Kids:  “If you’re patient for a little while longer, sweetie, you can have all of mommy’s Milky Way.”


“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.”  ~Robert C. Gallagher

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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