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Spring Cleaning!

Posted on: March 21, 2011

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Welcome Spring! 

Children will start to blossom now that spring is in the air.  There is an unquestionable difference in attitude and disposition when winter’s grey skies become spring’s bright blue ones!  Sunshine brings life to air and ground.  Sunshine also brings new life to our children.

Little ones love simple cleaning tools like spray bottles, brooms (their size), dust pans and they especially love to help when they can use the DustBuster!  Older children are strong and raring to get outside – let them help with welcoming spring through the “age-old” tradition of…

Spring cleaning!

  • Sweep sidewalks outside and while you’re at it, pick up sticks.  There are dry days ahead that will be great for this project. 
  • Sweep out garage floors and while you’re at it organize the boots and sneakers (doesn’t it seem like you have a million pairs?).   A new broom and dustpan in the kitchen and a sneaker rack or clean tray in the garage will be inspiring to all!
  • Wash windows with a partner.  Bright, sunny days will be here soon and winter’s grime will block those beautiful golden rays!   Use a safe, homemade window cleaning solution: mix ½ c. white vinegar to 1 gallon water.  Mix desired amount.  Pour into spray bottles.  One partner wipes outside, one inside.  Use crumpled newspapers to wipe windows (fewer streaks).  One washer washes up & down, the other washer washes side to side (you can tell what side has dirty spots left).
  • Move the furniture around.  Just one table, switch chairs around in the kitchen, reassign the lamps in the house, a different throw rug in the hallway, new frames on pictures… children love to have a “say” in this new look.  And, by the way, you won’t believe the amount of energy they will spend just straightening up, reorganizing, polishing and fussing with the house during this great project!
  • Walk off a garden and put stakes up for boundaries. Decide what to plant. 
  • Clean off porches with your children and decide where winter things belong (older children can move and carry them) and where spring and summer furniture will go (older children can check on this and clean them to get ready).
  • Organize and clean bedrooms.  Inexpensive dresser scarves, new curtains or valances, a new bedroom garbage can or pillow covers, switching quilts or bedspreads with a sibling, displaying favorite toys, washing windowsills, polishing dressers, vacuuming, cleaning mirrors and just straightening dressers and closets (weed them out!) makes everyone feel better.

Enough hibernating!  Shake the winter blues & blahs off and honor the tradition of spring cleaning or start one of your own – you’ll be glad you did when that beautiful sun shines through the windows!

Spring Fever, It’s that time of year again when I get the energy to clean. I look through shining, sparking windows at the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen! (Do I really live here?!)


-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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