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Winter Fun – Get Out!!

Posted on: January 17, 2011

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

I don’t really consider myself a winter person.  I prefer sandals and t-shirts to boots and turtlenecks.  Out of necessity I help shovel the driveway but insist I get the parking space in the garage.  The only reason I like winter at all is because I have an excuse to drink hot chocolate with sprinkles and whipped cream and not feel guilty!

When my children were little, I used to love the snow.  I have photos to prove it. I have grandchildren now that absolutely love to run and jump into snow hills and just play in the snowy yard.  So when I join them, I can’t help but find magic in this sparkly cold powder that drifts to the ground.  (Even if I know I will eventually have to shovel it.)

Have you watched (I mean really watched) your children in the snow outside?  They are wonderful with bright cheeks and misty breath.  They move with steady grace (even toddlers once they get the hang of it) and they run with reckless abandon.  Children find magic in falling snow.  They see wonder in snow-covered playgrounds and they howl and scream when they slip, slide, and sled.  Half the time they don’t care if their hat is missing or their gloves are soaked. 

You have the real privilege of being able to enjoy winter with children in your own back yard.  I know it takes time to dress little ones and help dress “big” ones in all of their outside gear.  But..                                                                                                                                               

*Plan ahead in hallways and closets – be sure there is space for everything.  Consider where all of that wet, cold gear will go when everyone comes in.  Are there dry clothes to change into?   Boots in the garage or hall?  Set your children up for successful play transitions.

*Have extra gear on hooks and in bags.  Consider assignment and thrift shops for extras.                           

 *Winter fun is learning about weather, animals, plants and clouds. It is a chance for friendship, fun, lessons in balance & motion and taking aim or ducking for cover in a snowball fight!  Your snowy yard and slushy street is an exciting classroom (ssh… don’t tell the kids).

 *Consider taking outside what children enjoy inside. Scoops, shovels, bowls, trucks, balls, plastic toys, blocks & people… Invite friends to climb and dig out snowhills.

*Make sure you have winter gear to play outside with your children. Take an evening winter walk – the world looks different.  Everything is peaceful and glittery.

So GET OUT and make time for winter fun!

Then COME IN and share hot chocolate with whipped cream & sprinkles.

You won’t feel guilty at all!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director



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Great ideas!! You can visit our blog to see some great indoor ideas to get the kids to come in when it gets too cold or you just need a cocoa warm up!

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