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Ring it in and Roll it out!

Posted on: January 3, 2011


 The New Year looms.  Panic sets in. 

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


I find this to be a typical layer of the beginning of January:    


1. Sentimental and meaningful memories filter in and we are happy and grateful to recall and talk about wonderful events in the year passed.  We share laughs and stories of successes and challenges.  Maybe a new baby was born, a child entered kindergarten or college, a worrisome malady has passed, a new home settled, a job secured, friendships are strong and a partnership is joyful.


2. In the middle of all this giddiness, you realize that your new holiday pants don’t fit.  You chastise yourself for diving into the leftover dips and eggnog.  The kids all have dental appointments and the dog has a skin boil that has to be taken care of over the Christmas break.  Your charge card bill is not delayed because of the 8” of snow in your un-shoveled driveway and you forgot to book a babysitter for the Ring in the New Year extravaganza that you bought expensive tickets for in November.

3. You make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight by joining the gym at an “unbelievable low membership rate”.  You put up a new kitchen calendar with the glaring title    ” If it’s not on this calendar, it doesn’t exist in my life!”  You swear to yourself you are not going to beg the kid down the street to babysit at the last-minute ever again, as you agree to the added charge and pizza treat.

4.  Life begins again.  With all of its ups and downs.  With all of its joys and worries.  With all of its excitement at new beginnings and gratitude for what is sturdy and stable. You make a vow, once again, to be the very best person, parent, partner, colleague, friend and member of the family.  You look around your life in this New Year, and you commit to what is good and you find ways to change what is not.

At the beginning of 2011 hug and kiss each person you love. Say the words “I love you.”  Play with your children.  Get in the car and visit a friend or relative you’ve been meaning to get in touch with.  Call your friends and go for tea.  Laugh at the crazy dog, throw snowballs with your kids in the driveway, dance, eat popcorn and wear p.j.s when you can. 

Smile at yourself in the mirror. 

Happy New Year!  I hope 2011 is filled with health, happiness and good fortune!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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