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On the ‘fridge

Posted on: December 13, 2010


Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Make a list and check it twice – not to find out if you’re naughty or nice, just to keep yourself in one piece at the holidays!!

I’m a big fan of writing lists.  They are a quick reminder of two things: what I need to do and what I would like to do

Need to do is at the top with a few like to dos at the end.  When I cross something off the top part of my list, I feel pretty good.  When I cross something off the bottom of my list, I feel even better!

The holidays are hurried.  I try to do so much (I would like an extra week, please!)  And sometimes I forget the little things that wind up being the big things.  How about you?     

So, posted on my ‘fridge right now:

  • Get scotch tape, packing tape and Christmas tree ornament hangers.
  • Buy “forever” stamps. Send out-of-town gifts now.
  • Spread rock salt on front stairs and porch. (We always go through the garage).
  • Order flowers to be delivered to Jaan.
  • Keep the dog off the couch for a week before Christmas (use the Dirt Devil each day on the couch).
  • Get kids their own car snowbrush and gloves.
  • Take ties and skirt to cleaners.
  • Meg’s secret Santa gift.
  • Specific dates of holiday events.         

This list is hardly exciting – it’s not even that interesting.  But it’s mine and it will keep me on task for the holiday.  It will give me great pleasure to cross items off this list and it will nag me each time I look at the things remaining.  I will get everything done.   I have to…    

At the holidays, make a list.  Keep it posted on your ‘fridge or in your purse.  Make a list each day or make a weekly list. Lists can be fun or serious.  They can consist of 2 things or 20. Make a Christmas list or a December list. Make a habit of writing lists. This is a proven organizational technique, a measure of focus and commitment.

But make sure the list belongs to you, whatever kind of list you choose. Make it personal, no one else has the responsibility to make things happen.  Only you. Then cross off your accomplishments – hurray!  But don’t worry about the left overs –I’ve had clean out the garage on one of my lists for over a year now…oh well, life goes on.

“I have created so many lists, I have to have a list of where all of my lists are!” J. Seinfeld

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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