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I Don’t Know How That Happened?!?!

Posted on: November 1, 2010

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

As parents, were you ever startled at your child’s action that was either wonderful or horrible?  Have you ever listened to your child spout words of compassion and understanding – or what you would consider totally inappropriate?  Have you stood in awe at your child’s accomplishments and fortitude – as well as ran to them to stop an argument or struggle? Have you thought to yourself: “I don’t know how that happened!?!?”

Consider this…  We know that children are like sponges; literally soaking up every single thing they see, hear, and are a part of.   As children develop and grow, the world explodes right before them.  What used to be a challenge is now a success.  What was off limits is now allowed.  Constant learning has opened new worlds.  One friend has turned into many. Family expectations become expanded and detailed.

We can find ourselves overjoyed at how our children move smoothly through life’s many changes as well as finding ourselves struggling with the why of children’s actions, tones and words that we didn’t expect.  Before our eyes that sweet little infant has turned into a defiant two-year old who quickly becomes a “know-it-all” preschooler who is working toward being a saucy school-ager. And we ask again “How did that happen?”

But wait!  If you soak a sponge in water, you get water out of when you squeeze it.  If you soak a sponge in milk, you will get milk out.  If you soak a sponge in juice, you will get juice.  If you soak a sponge…. Oh, you get it!

So if you have a bouncing baby, or a terrific two-year old, a practically perfect preschooler or a super school ager, make no mistake what you put in is what you will get out!  Children don’t make up tones of voice or snappy responses or pouty pusses or snobby attitudes or rude refusals.  They learn them.

Children treated with kindness will be caring.  Patience will lead to persistence.  Smiles and Laughter will teach humor and attachment.  Excitement will frame interests.  Praise will encourage initiative.  Understanding will allow achievement.  Respect will build friendship.  Encouragement is the marker of success.

Children truly “Learn What They Live” D.L. Nolte

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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