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What’s Your Family Wellness Plan?

Posted on: October 18, 2010

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

We talk about being well all the time.  We want our children to grow up with healthy habits.  We want to be the model of health for them. 

Do you have a family wellness plan?  If not, try this one!

Family Wellness Plan

  1. Make and keep appointments for medical and dental checkups and treatments. This goes for you and everyone else in your family.   Immunize your children! 
  2. Insist on clean hands and faces.  Wash hands with liquid soap and warm, running water.  Have a “one use rule” for wash cloths – this is especially important for older children who have sensitive skin and are worried about breakouts.
  3. Dress according to the weather and your daily activities.  Cover feet in cold weather.  Keep “simple” jackets and sweaters in easy reach. Wear hats and hoods. Use an umbrella.
  4. Brush teeth –in the morning and before bed.  Follow any dental instructions.
  5. Wipe noses often and throw out the tissue.  Teach children to blow their nose. Make sure hands are washed after each tissue use!
  6. Eat healthy foods in a balanced diet.  Eat together at home more than eating out.
  7. Get plenty of sleep & rest. 
  8. Be active indoors and out.  Play, talk with and actively listen to each other.
  9. Model reading as a priority.  Read to your children every day.  Have older children read to you every day.  Keep “screen” time to a minimum.
  10. Have a Welcome! mat at your front door.

This is not a fancy wellness plan. 

One number is not more important than the other but I hope you will post it on your fridge and be well each day!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


1 Response to "What’s Your Family Wellness Plan?"

I’m focusing on childhood early education. I want my children to be as prepared for the “real world” as possible.

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