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Happy 25th Anniversary NAEYC Accreditation!

Posted on: October 4, 2010

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

1992: “Yes!  We did it!  EduKids is accredited by NAEYC!” Nancy Ware, owner and President of EduKids, Inc. 

Fast forward to September 2010: “Yes!  We did it!  EduKids is accredited by NAEYC!” Nancy Ware, owner and President of EduKids, Inc.

Between 1992 and 2010, ten of our EduKids Early Childcare Centers have been accredited by NAEYC!  Established in 1989, our flagship EduKids Center in Orchard Park was our first NAEYC accredited center, accredited in 1992. 18 years later, EduKids has grown from one center to 12 early childcare centers operating under the NAEYC accreditation standards for high quality early education.  Our Centers have been continually accredited and re-accredited with the most recent EduKids Center notified of success on September 22, 2010!  Today, EduKids is proud to have 10 of our early childhood centers NAEYC accredited, 1 center is in Step 3 candidacy and the last of our 12 centers just opened 4 weeks ago.  We look forward to starting the process with our newest center next year!

To be a part of NAEYC accreditation for 18 of the academy’s 25-year accreditation history has really been something!  We have been totally engulfed by the early, middle and recent processes of data collection – who can forget the orange observation booklets now replaced by the evidence driven portfolios?  We have begged, cajoled and pleaded with literally hundreds (no thousands) of families and staff members to complete NAEYC questionnaires. We have welcomed dedicated and professional validators, now assessors, into our Centers.  We have promoted NAEYC accreditation on the local, state and national level and we have seen the steady progress of NAEYC’s response to accreditation challenges. We have seen the addition of academy employed assessors, scholarships, tutorials, focused resource / journal information and hurray therightchoiceforkids website and TORCH. 

Without question things have changed over NAEYC accreditation’s 25-year history. Being a part of NAEYC accreditation for over 18 years has been a parade of poodle perms, the “Rachel” haircut and now “whatever” hair. Who would have thought body art would be a norm? We have been through a work look of never having a shirt un-tucked to not being caught dead with a belt, home phones to cell phones, records to iPods and paper resources to Kindle tm. Through all of these changes, the goal of a dedicated, diverse and qualified workforce has been the same, NAEYC accreditation. 

Without question there has been one constant through NAEYC Accreditation’s 25-year history. NAEYC provides a national and worldwide voice to help early childcare providers be the very best in early care and
education for young children and their families. Through standards, resources, current research applications and advocacy,  NAEYC Accreditation is the national standard of excellence.

That is why EduKids is proud to be part of this amazing history.

Happy 25th Anniversary NAEYC Accreditation!  Keep up the great work!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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