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Laugh – It’s Good For You!

Posted on: August 16, 2010

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Knock Knock            Who’s there?
Banana.                       Banana Who?
Banana Banana 

Knock Knock             Who’s there?
Banana.                        Banana Who?
Banana Banana 

Knock Knock            Who’s there?
Orange.                       Orange Who?
Orange ya glad I didn’t say banana?! 

A very young infant will smile when he is being held and hears the voice of a caring adult – no, it is not gas! – it is an attachment response to pleasure and beginning trust.  A baby’s first giggles are the result of playing “Peek A Boo” with her around 6 months old.  “Peek A Boo” is followed by “Where Did The Doggie Go?”  At around 12 months. This consists of putting a blanket over a favorite stuffed animal, holding your hands up with palms out and saying “Where did the doggie go?” followed by a little barking.   Toddlers laugh over and over reading their favorite book with pictures of monkeys wearing hats and jewelry.  Preschoolers tell funny stories about spending “a million hours jumping in the Bounce House” and laugh when you tell them – with great exaggeration – that you have looked everywhere for your shoe that they are hiding behind their back! 

And so it goes…                           

Children are funny and they are fun to be with!  
We spend a great deal of time, money and energy taking children places that are advertised as “fun.” We take our kids away to have fun and bring things to them (at birthday parties or events) to make them laugh.  This is great fun and there are wonderful places for families to go and special events to enjoy.
But, what about every day? 

  • Know your children!  What makes them laugh?  What do they enjoy?   Chances are that they spend a lot more time smiling and laughing when they are with you doing “nothing” than when they are being carted around & are over-tired.  Recall all of the things that made your children laugh and talk about it with them.  Listen for their laughter – watch for their smiles.
  • Be silly!  Wear the bedazzled dress up crown and rule the kingdom with your daughter. 
  • Spray the hose on a waiting preschooler while you fill the pool (and expect a spray back)! 
  • If your toddler laughs when the dog does tricks for a treat – put on a show. 
  • Change your voice reading a favorite book and be sure to talk like the animals! 
  • How about a “mistake” of orange mashed potatoes or green milk?
  • Smile & Laugh.  Find humor in your children.  Laugh when they laugh. 
  • Ask them to “do it again” when they put on a dance show – then ask them to teach you their moves. 
  • Play games that make them smile and laugh.  Read stories about funny characters and funny places. 
  • Laugh out loud! It’s contagious.

A 5 year old recently told this joke:                                                                         

How can you make a stinky skunk not smell? 

Plug your nose!

I know you’re laughing. 

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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