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Posted on: August 9, 2010

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

I feel like summer just started – it has been an absolutely perfect summer for outdoor events and play!  But households everywhere are gearing up for school schedules and routines. Whether your child is starting a new class in childcare or attending kindergarten and up, this time of year demands attention from rookies and seasoned veterans alike. 

Start now.  It’s time.

Think through details and make important decisions now to take as much drama as possible out of September.  The younger the child, the more critical this process is – for the whole family.

  1. Find out exactly what is expected on the first day and in the first week of school; clothing, supplies, money, food, forms, identification.  What is allowed or not allowed in the school buildings; backpacks, lunch boxes? How do kindergartens handle lunch $, gym clothes? Are certain foods, toys, music, games, clothing not allowed?
  2. Know what time school starts and ends.Keep a calendar and daily schedule where everyone can see it.  On the schedule, make sure to list: wake up time, bus number (or transportation plan) and time to leave house. What is the end of school plan for time and location of pick up? Who is responsible to insure each day is accounted for?
  3. Know an exact plan for each day if before and/or after school care is needed.
  4. Know the exact plan for scheduled days off.
  5. Make an emergency plan the whole family is aware of.  This includes a plan for the day that the bus or carpool is late and you have a morning meeting or you won’t be home to meet the bus because of traffic.  What happens when your child throws up in the front hall or gets sick in school?  Bad weather days are a given in western New York – make plans.  Plan to expect the unexpected – you simply have to.
  6. Post on your fridge: the school calendar, highlight early dismissal and half days, conference days and holidays. 
  7. Keep a list of important school phone numbers (print off websites), addresses and school personnel.  Know how to spell the teacher’s name.

I’m sure some of you have been school shopping all summer….it’s fun and exciting!  But while kids think a new backpack and sneakers are all you need to start school – we as parents know differently! 

Start now to welcome a wonderful September!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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