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Splash Down!

Posted on: July 5, 2010

Summer – sunshine, sand, surf, splashing, sandals, smiles, s’mores!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Water play is basic play in the summer; whether it is at a beach, community pool or in a backyard.  While swimming and splashing are great ways to cool off and have fun with friends, make sure that children are safe while they are splashing! 

Adults – not other children – should always be with any child near or in the water.  Big or small pools or any water container (buckets, tubs, etc.), sprinklers, slip & slides, even running hoses present a possible danger to children.  Beaches, ponds, creeks and all other natural water sources are critical areas for adult supervision.  Since you can’t always see the bottom of a lake or pond, you don’t always know the depth of the water which could lead to an unsafe situation. Remember – it is important to always comply with any posted safety signs or lifeguard instructions.  For additional information on water safety, visit the American Red Cross – Basic Water Safety Rules. 

With that being said, here are some water fun ideas for these lazy days of summer! 

  • Add favorite “indoor toys” to any outside water play.  Add some mild soap and sponges!  It’s a great way to get those trucks and dolly dishes washed! 
  • Turn the hose on and let children water the gardens, rinse off the outside furniture, spray the driveway, car & each other!
  • Outside painting with water is a great way to cool off and be creative! 
  • Put a couple of slip & slides next to each other for some wet & wild races!
  • Sand castles at the beach can be made with Tupperware and plastic bowl & cup “molds”.  Plastic measuring cups, rubber spatulas, colanders and funnels in the sand will “cook” up excitement!
  • Play “I Spy Everything (any color)” at the beach and keep a list.
  • Collect, save & display sea shells you collected with your child.  They’ll be so proud to show others their “treasures!”

Children are natural water babies! Very young children also have absolutely no fear.  They are curious and they are characters – rarely are they cautious.  Older children are excited and explorers around water, getting lost in their play and forgetful of water safety rules. Your children need you to be a water play partner and a water supervisor in order to stay safe! 

 Watchful eyes, sunscreen, water bottles, shade & cover-ups are an important part of everyone’s fun in the sun!
So Jump In!  The water’s fine!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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