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Kate’s Corner: I Spy With My Little Eye-Great Thinking Games!

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Thinking games are a great way to teach your children while still having fun! Take advantage of any opportunity to play games and spend quality time with your children.

Here’s our list of fun and easy games to play for children 4 and up:

I Spy With My Little Eye!

  • Decide on an area (the kitchen, backyard, bedroom…) and say “I spy with my little eye something…”
  • Give a hint. The younger the child, the more obvious the hints. For example: “a fruit that is yellow that a monkey eats!”
  • Keep giving hints until the guesser is correct.
  • Switch roles! Older children enjoy the challenge of more difficult hints.

I’m Thinking of Something That…!

  • Close your eyes and talk through something familiar to the players, for example: a farm, a jungle, or the grocery store.
  • Open your eyes and say “I’m thinking of something that…” Use descriptors, sounds and actions that will help guessers figure it out!
  • Switch roles! Make it complex for older children.

We Went On a Picnic! Great game for the car!

This is typically a game for children who are comfortable with alphabetical order, but keep the younger ones playing by using common objects!

  • Player 1: We went on a picnic and I brought apples!
  • Player 2: We went on a picnic and I brought bananas!
  • Player 3: We went on a picnic and I brought cookies, and so on.
  • Older children have to repeat each picnic item before they add their addition.
  • Younger children can simply name an item beginning with the current letter: We went on a picnic and I brought a hat…I brought a jacket…I brought sneakers, etc.

Find It First!

  • Look through a catalog, poster, or magazine with your children.
  • Stop on a page and discuss the picture.
  • Everyone closes their eyes while you open your hand to cover the page.
  • Open your eyes and think about what was on the page.
  • Call “Find It First!” Find the objects in the picture (umbrella, boots, blue car, etc.)
  • The first one to point to and cover the called object chooses the next call!

It’s Gone!

  • Gather a few basic objects about the same size (a spoon, comb, marker, ruler, toy snake.)
  • Talk about each one as you put them together on a table or flat surface.
  • Tell children to close their eyes and think about what they just saw on the table.
  • Quietly take one object off and hide it while you are talking.
  • Children open their eyes as you say “Oh no! It’s Gone!”
  • Have the children guess what is missing. Keep going until all objects are hidden.
  • Children have to name all of the hidden objects before they can be returned to the table.
  • When playing with older children, use many objects or things that may not have anything in common.

I’ll Take That Letter!

This is a very tricky game of sounds older children enjoy!

  • Player #1 says her name as #2 listens for the last sound and has to say a word that starts with that sound
  • Player #3 says a word that starts with the first sound of the last word, and #4 Says a word that starts with the Last sound of that word…
  • Keep going!


-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


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