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Kitchen Fun with Kids

Posted on: April 5, 2010

If you could use a helping hand in the kitchen, ask your child to pitch in. Children love feeling important and learning new things (especially when it doesn’t seem like a chore). Although cooking and baking in the kitchen may seem regular and boring to you, to a child it is a new frontier full of wonder and things to learn!

Children of different ages can help with various things in the kitchen:

Age 2: Have them help with pouring ingredients and taste-testing!

Age 3: They can bring ingredients from the fridge and shelf to the counter, stir and mix ingredients.

Age 4+: Let them help chop ingredients (with close supervision, of course) and help dish out the meal.

Older children: Give them the responsibility of more important tasks such as measuring and setting the oven.

By helping out in the kitchen, children will…

  • Learn about nutrition and increase their willingness to try a new food
  • Develop valuable self-help skills and increase independence
  • Develop math concepts through counting, measuring, timing, and ordering events
  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Develop reading skills, recognizing symbols and words
  • Learn to follow directions and complete all the steps necessary to finish a task
  • Explore the world’s foods and learn about the customs of people from around the world
  • Learn science concepts: temperature, volume, how something can change when it is heated, etc.
  • Improve fine motor control through using hand muscles
  • Express themselves creatively

Regardless of the task at hand, your child will gain a sense of pride as your family enjoys the meal they helped create!


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