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Kate’s Corner: Numbers and Counting and Learning…Oh My!

Posted on: February 1, 2010

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

We understand that learning to say and recognize numbers is a basic necessity to success. Even the youngest children come to understand basic concepts of counting, ordering, sequencing and correspondence. We teach our children about numbers in so many ways we don’t even realize. Children are learning constantly! They listen, watch and respond to you each day a million different ways.

You teach about numbers when…

  • You count “piggies” changing a baby’s diapers.
  • You have a toddler find 2 shoes for 2 feet then tie them up 1 at a time with you.
  • You serve pancakes to your preschooler who is delighted to ask for 4 pancakes because that is how old he is and that matches.
  • Your school ager sorts clothes for the day, follows a sequence to dress, checks the wall calendar in her room and reads the month, day and year with understanding of order.
  • You talk through providing a bowl, a cup and a spoon for each breakfast eater – ask older children to list who will eat and then tell you how many of each is needed for the table.
  • You color, write, play with, sing about, glue, cut, trace, read about, manipulate and organize numbers.
  • You talk about and show children coupons for groceries and take them shopping where numbers are literally everywhere.
  • You collect and count pennies with kids.
  • You recall in a game at the end of the day “what we did first, then second, then next….”

Never miss an opportunity to help children organize, categorize, print, label, read, talk about and print number symbols (4) and number words (four). Be a good model and recognize when you teach about numbers in your daily routines. Teaching your child is so important, but loving your children always comes first!

-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


1 Response to "Kate’s Corner: Numbers and Counting and Learning…Oh My!"

Wonderful to read your page. I enjoy particularly the excitement teachers can have in interracting with young ones. I am convinced that as long as they can hear you, they can be brought to the awareness of math.

Thank you again.


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