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Playing Dress Up Boosts Confidence and Creativity

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Little fire fighter toddlerI hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! So now, what do you do with those costumes? I suggest getting your money’s worth and letting your child continue their pretend play. There is an argument being made by some experts that one of the best indicators of a child’s success is how ‘creative’ they are in play.

When children are given the opportunity to wear capes, heels, goggles, or fire hats, it lets them take on a new role. Think about the reaction you give your little one when they are dressed up compared to when they are in ordinary clothes. Your child is living in a moment where a new character can take over and they notice how you react to it.

Playing dress up can give children a real sense of control, too. When a child is pretending to be super strong, able to run faster than lightning, or even being the teacher, they are in control of the scenario and outcomes. This lets your child practice their leadership skills.

Plus, one of the greatest benefits to dramatic play is the vigorous activity that can accompany it. Kids just run faster in a cape, jump higher with goggles on, and play longer when they are chasing crime!

So before you put those great costumes away, think about putting them to good use in your home.


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