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Kate’s Corner: Potty Learning

Posted on: October 7, 2009

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director

Parents often anticipate the process of potty training with more than a little dread. While we look forward to the days when we no longer have to buy and change diapers, potty training has acquired the reputation of being a long, difficult process.

It doesn’t have to be!

Here are some simple tricks to help your little one learn to use the potty:

Watch for signs that your child is aware of her body needs, such as

  • hiding when she fills her diaper
  • becoming “regular” and predictable during the day
  • using language and/or body motions to tell you she is wet or soiled

When he shows an interest in the bathroom, make this room “user friendly” for him. Provide a potty chair or a children’s toilet seat, place a stool in front of toilet or sink, and keep cloth or paper towels at eye level towels.

Use siblings as models. Ask an older sister or brother to demonstrate how they use the potty.

Character/superhero/princess or decorated underpants are very motivating – get some!

Read books about potty learning, have conversations – not lectures – with your child about using the potty, and respond positively to your child’s interest and requests to go to the bathroom.

All learning takes time! Be respectful of your child’s timing and allow her to sit on the potty until she is ready to get off. Rushing or fussing over a child learning to use the potty often back tracks progress.

Don’t mix messages! When a child is out of diapers, keep them out of diapers.  Pull-ups are just diapers shaped like underpants. When your child is ready, commit to cloth underwear. Be consistent. Keeping a few extra pair of underpants and playwear on hand in case of an accident, and not making a big deal (never ridiculing or scolding) out of an accident, truly helps with pottying.

Smile! Sometimes you will feel like it will never happen, but it does!  It is a proud day when your little one uses the potty with consistent success!

Make Learning Fun!
-Kate Dust, EduKids Education Director


1 Response to "Kate’s Corner: Potty Learning"

“Pull-ups are just diapers shaped like underpants.” Amen! When I’m potty training the children in my care, parents often ask about pull-ups, and what I say is exactly that: they send mixed messages and only slow the learning process.

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